Surveillance Reports

The Tobacco Endgame: A Qualitative Review and Synthesis

In recent years, a new tobacco ‘endgame’ has been proposed: the denial of tobacco sale to any citizen born after a certain year, thus creating new tobacco-free generations. The proposal would not directly affect current smokers, but would impose a restriction on potential future generations of smokers. This paper examines some key legal and ethical issues raised by this proposal, critically assessing how an obligation to protect human rights might limit or support a state’s ability to phase out tobacco.

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District Level Household and Facility Survey-4

Three rounds of District Level Household and Facility Survey (DLHS) have been undertaken by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India in the past (Round- I in 1998-99, Round-II in 2002-04, and Round-III in 2007-08) with the main objective to provide reproductive and child health related database at district level in India.

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In The News

Research Article Published on Asia Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention

The article, "Raising the Age of Purchase and Use of Tobacco Products in Bangladesh: Benefits and Ch...

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India Made Positive Progress In Restricting Interference Of Tobacco Industry

After 10 years, a policy targets tobacco industry interference in India’s health ministry But what...

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