Posted On June 15, 2016

10(14th june)

Faded jeans, graphic tee, a headband and a cigarette. Or kurti, patiala, junk jewelries and a cigarette – it seems that fashion remains incomplete without the halo of 4000 chemicals. It is not always easy to speculate the exact age of , but for many teenagers, college usually sets the stage for all such addictions.

The number of smokers in Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata and Mumbai is very high, and surprisingly, 82 percent of them view smoking as a trend. Friends and peer pressure is the reason for 87 percent of college goers to take up smoking, which eventually becomes their fashion statement. They use it to attract attention and to position smoking as the only way to overcome the stress during the college years.

It is quite painful to see youngsters having their first puff at the age of 13-14 years, even after so many awareness programs. Toxic inhalation at this age is mostly out of excitement and without the knowledge of its side effects. But when they enter college and are praised by their new friends for their smoking habit, this turns into a fashion. There may be short-term consequences like respiratory issues, which are usually ignored at the initial stages. But as this fondness become regular, the college goers acquire long-term health consequences, which are life threatening at times.

Thanks to the number of and the rest of India, there has been a fall in the number of cigarette consumption. But unfortunately, the number of women smokers is rising. Before it is too late, it is crucial for the youth to understand the evil residing in a pack of cigarettes. , They must realize how every puff is taking away the charms of life, creating an illusion called fashion.