Posted On August 13, 2015
When it comes to kicking the butt, even the rich and famous find it difficult to give up just as everyone else. The silver lining however lies in the old adage: Where there is a will, there is a way. No wonder, some of the top notch celebrities across the world, who had been a victim of chain smoking, succeeded in calling it quits, thus not letting tobacco get the better of them. This shows that if you are really resolute about nipping this bad habit, there are certainly many ways to do it. In...
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Posted On August 12, 2015
Soon after your morning coffee, do you have a sudden (read uncontrollable) urge to take a drag? Do you feel the need for a tobacco rush once again when getting up from your desk for a breather? Last but certainly not the least, are you trying hard to get rid of all these habits? Well, kicking the butt is easier said than done, so we don’t doubt your intentions. Specific hours of the day, social gatherings, places, emotions, and even specific food items can trigger your desire to smoke. The...
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