Posted On April 21, 2016
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Posted On April 9, 2016
Slamming the decision of tobacco manufacturers to halt production, the Centre on Saturday hardened its stand on the implementation of larger pictorial warnings on such products, saying it will take all the necessary steps to curb tobacco use in the country. The Union Health Ministry said there is "no ambiguity" in the policy in this regard and it has been made "crystal clear" that products packaged after April 1 will have to carry larger warnings. "We want to clarify that there is no ambiguity...
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Posted On March 30, 2016
Do you have great hair? And love to show it off with trendy new styles? Well! If you smoke, you are out of luck, because there is a high possibility that tobacco addiction might make you bald. Not kidding! Besides bringing cancer, tumor, heart, lung, and eye disease, it can cause hair loss as well. Research on smoking and hair loss revealed that toxic fumes of tobacco can clean out your thick, shiny hair slowly. Individuals with family history of baldness are most likely to encounter hair...
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Posted On March 24, 2016
The human body is in a constant process of healing, be it your skin, bones, lungs or heart. Whether it is an infection or injury, your body has the regenerative power to get the better of diseases and infections. But, did you know that smoking cigarettes weakens or reduces your body's ability to fight ailments? However, if you have quit smoking, your lung and heart functions begin to improve. How? Read on to get answers your questions. Your Bronchial Tubes Start Relaxing The bronchial tubes...
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Posted On March 21, 2016
The urge to smoke can feel to be your strongest ‘right’ after you have quit. The struggle between your body and your will can be hard to handle. A bit of support from your own body can help you when you are completely puzzled about your choices. But, how to get your body to help you out? How about breathing? No, we are not kidding at all. Special breathing techniques can calm your body and help you fight the nicotine cravings by subduing the agitation you are feeling. Here are a couple of...
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Posted On March 18, 2016
Quitting tobacco is the right call to see a healthier you glide through life. Sure, you have the will to say no to smoking, but living with someone who smokes changes the whole scenario. You would have to live with constant temptation to give in to the urge and take a few puffs. But, you need to know that it is not impossible to quit smoking even with a smoker around you. Let us see how to do it.Discuss the Issue with Your Roomie or PartnerWhether it is your partner or a roommate that smokes,...
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Posted On March 16, 2016
You gave up cigarettes for the noble cause of kicking a bad habit that's detrimental to your health, family, social life and finances. Great! But do you still feel the urge to take a drag sometimes? Well, most cigarette addicts do at least once after they have kicked the butt for good. How to curb cravings and get back on the right track? Here are three tips to help you manage a smoking relapse: 1. Consider Counseling Personal advice and recommendations from a certified and experienced quit-...
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Posted On March 14, 2016
It takes determination to say no to tobacco and more so to stay smoke-free. Physical effects of nicotine withdrawal can overwhelm even the strongest of individuals. A little bit of support can do wonders in helping people keeping their guard up right after quitting. Here are four methods in which you can show your support:Appreciate the ResolveQuitting cigarettes, although not impossible, can be very difficult for most addicts. The first thing you can do is show your respect for the attempt and...
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Posted On March 11, 2016
There are many benefits of living in multi-family dwellings. They are secure, they are high on amenities, but low on maintenance. On the flip side, sometimes you have to bear with some of your neighbors' insensibilities which may range anything from loud parties well past midnight to smoking in the common areas. What do you do when second hand smoke (SHS) seeps into your rooms from your neighboring units? Nothing much legally, we are sorry to say. The law may not be on your side unless you are...
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Posted On March 9, 2016
When we are talking about kids and tobacco addiction, we need to highlight on peer pressure. According to research, more than 43 percent of kids between 11 and 17 years who are associated with smokers, have shown addiction to tobacco as well. On the other hand, 99 percent of kids who didn't have smokers for friends, showed no interest in taking up this bad habit. It is an important issue for kids to get approval from their peers. And this urge to look or act cooler can lead them to do terrible...
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