The Logical Clash!

Posted On November 22, 2016

Think !!

With a mind full of tension, doubt and indecision pushes him to smoke a cigarette. He believes a deep long drag can allay fears and problems. He gets irritable and slightly edgy when asked to participate in social gatherings but decides on taking a puff instead to lighten his mood. Wondering who’s the ‘he’ I’m referring to? Well, he is my father!


Do you know him? Should the write-up interest you? If so, why? Maybe, you don’t know him but I am sure you are acquainted with a similar personality. Aren’t you? Think about it!


In our daily lives, we come across relatives, friends, general acquaintances who prefer to smoke rather than talking about an issue or discussing with a close one to get a feasible solution. My father is one among them. There’s no doubt that he is a great friend, an appreciable teacher, a loving father and a flawless support who has been holding the family all along. But, the 64 years old is a chain-smoker. It saddens me when I think of how he is melding the tobacco poison in his life. Even though he is well aware of the fact that smoking harms nearly every organ of the body, his decision is in its favour.


Few years back, my father had a massive heart attack. He was treated with a stent following angioplasty. Thankfully, he quit smoking post the experience. But again, after a year or so, he faced a heart attack that was further treated with angioplasty. He lost a lot of extra weight, followed a strict diet, regularly exercised but was somehow not convinced.


I was shocked to know his reasons! He wasn’t well pleased with a particular practice suggested by the doctor, relatives and also his friends that is, ‘quit smoking’. Confused? Let me explain... None of the reports say that smoking causes heart attack. It clearly didn’t in my case! I want to ask the doctor that why isn’t it mentioned in my reports?  He says. For him, even if smoking is hazardous to health, it wasn’t the reason for his heart problem. In case he falls sick or gets a logical reason that would explain how smoking has affected his health, he says, I’ll quit there and then! Promisingly.


Is it right? Does any of this make any sense to you? To me, no! To him apparently it does. The worry, botheration seems to be illogical in his eyes. Dad, please don’t smoke. Please! I’ll help you quit. Really, I promise, take my word for it, is something that I have always been reciting to him. The specific issue is, whether he will quit smoking or not. Unfortunately, nothing else but the medical reports matter the most to him.


The world knows the outcome of dragging in tobacco. It is beyond need for any further explanation that nicotine is a remarkably addictive drug. But, the age difference of 40 cannot bridge the gap between me and my father in terms of mindset. He won’t give up on smoking and I won’t stop trying to make him quit. To summarise, it is all about a mindset one carries. Sometimes it is a matter of choice otherwise just a mulish expression. I hope I’ll be able to convince him by framing the matter in an appropriate way.


Those who wish to save the smokers to get rid of nicotine addiction must not give up! I strongly feel that many are missing out on the essence of happy living and making the puff intake a reason to ‘feel light’. It is necessary that you commit upon holding your loved one’s hand throughout the battle to quit smoking. We must try to encourage them to say ‘no’ to cigarettes, make them understand that you care for them and want them to stay healthy. It is not easy but quite tough to win the argument with my father but I’m sure I will someday, soon! Delving into the logical and emotional side of his brain is necessary as he is an analytical type personality. Only then, I’ll be successful in driving a desire to indulge to quit smoking within him.


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