Steps Towards Smoke-Free Darjeeling District

Round Table Discussion with Media Personnel on Sensitization Meeting Regarding COTPA 2003 at Circuit House, Siliguri on 01.09.2016

Initially Deputy Magistrate of Darjeeling District, Mr. Anurag Srivastava organised a meeting with the press at the Circuit House, Siliguri, where he explained the ways to make the district smoke-free. On behalf of MANT, Mr. Nirmalya Mukherjee (Director-Planning) demonstrated a presentation where he explained different corners of the COTPA 2003 law as well as how many people are addicted to different types of Tobacco in numbers through the report of Global Adult Tobacco Survey (2009).

Here in this program, Hon.ble DM of the District also said that necessary steps will be taken to make all the Puja Pandals smoke-free in the coming festive season. Declaring the puja pandals smoke-free is also a parameter to give permission to the puja committees. Even to select or judge the “Best Puja of This Year”, it will also be looked after that which committees are better in doing the smoke-free campaigning.

Afterwards, Hon.ble DM answered some of the significant questions arisen by the media who were present at the program regarding this law and its future roadmaps to implement this.