Posted On June 1, 2016

5(31st may)

Ask a tobacco addict, if he is aware of its negative impact and you will most probably find him grinning and still chewing Gutkha or smoking a cigarette. His awareness lies in his smile and it is also clear that the statutory warning will remain ineffective unless the addict realizes how these stuffs are slow poisoning him. It is also quite surprising to see that even after knowing the side-effects of the ingredients used in tobacco, the users still keep on consuming it. What is more alarming is their adamant nature. You will find them bargaining in the market while buying vegetables, but eagerly paying for a pack of cigarette that costs more than Rs.150.

A few years back an Indian study on tobacco revealed that substances found in chewing tobacco not only cause cancer, but can even affect your genes. So, even if you have escaped from the devil's hand, there is no escape from genetic damages. The intensity of the harm rises with the duration of tobacco use.

There is a presence of gene in human body called p53, which plays a key role in cell growth and cell death in humans. Its functionality is to keep unwanted cells under control and check the growth of the damaged cells, which otherwise can cause tumors. The study also revealed that the tobacco consumers displayed chromosomal damage of varied levels. This transformation of genes increases the risk of developing diabetes and many types of cancers. It minimizes the immune system and at the same time lowers the quality of sperm.

Though no study has been conducted yet, researchers are assuming that there are possibilities that people who consume tobacco passes on diseases to the next generation. Since p53 gets affected, it is possible that the genetic structure of cells involved in reproduction also experience transformation. Hence, the children inherit the damaged genes from their parents at birth. And so, the chances of genetically transmitted diseases are high.

At the age of 70, you may mock all the studies concerning the side because you are free from the terminal diseases. But think again, if your son or daughter has lung problem or suffers from diabetes, it is you who should be blamed. Your transformed genes are running in their body and giving them a hard time in life. Think again. Would you want that?