Posted On June 3, 2016

6(3rd June)A cup of green tea a day can keep lung cancer away! Well this is what Chinese researchers have to say, and they have a close ally in the medical fraternity of Kerala, India.

A few years back, a study titled ' A Revolutionary Approach for the Cessation of smoking' appeared in the open-ended Chinese journal Science China Life Sciences that said that drinking green tea can significantly help you control your nicotine urge. In order to assess the effectiveness of green tea as a tobacco cessation aide, the research team used specially made cigarettes, in which green tea replaced nicotine filters. The study said that after trying these specialized cigarettes for two months, over 30 percent participants had . The rest had reduced their consumption by nearly 60 percent. Those who quit, regained a better cell health as bonus, as green tea helped reduce the cells' smoking-induced toxicity.

Phinse Philip, a lecturer in the Community Oncology Division of the Malabar Cancer Center in Kerala, who endorsed the views of Chinese researchers, offered to explain how green tea helps smokers overcome cravings. He believes that the amino acid L-Theanine found in green tea has anti-stress effects and acts as a relaxing agent. This is beneficial to all those smokers who cite stress as their reason for smoking. Philip further assures, “The study conducted in China shows that green tea may be an alternative to quit this addictive habit.”

And this is not all.

According to Thomas Varughese, a renowned oncologist and head of the oncology department at Kochi`s Lakeshore Hospital and Research Center, drinking green tea after quitting cigarettes can possibly reverse lung cancer. Smokers are typically deficient in vital nutrients like vitamins C and E, zinc, calcium, folate and the Omega-3 essential fatty acid. Green tea helps to replenish these nutrients and offset the risk from damage induced by toxins in cigarette smoke.

. And green tea – a cup or more a day – can help you quit. So what are you waiting for? Say cheers to green and raise a toast to tobacco-free lifestyle!

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