Posted On June 17, 2016

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Did you manage to put down your cigarette finally after a lot of effort and self-control? Good, congratulations! But, you need to keep those cancer sticks at bay by embracing a running regimen. Running after you've kicked the butt is not only beneficial for your health, but will also make you feel that you've done something more worthy than just shunning the sin sticks. Here are five steps to help you start a running routine after you have stopped puffing away.

1. Consult Your Doctor

Have a word with your doctor before you embrace a running regimen. You may be recommended a chest therapy to lessen breathlessness after years of smoking. Listen to what your doctor says, and do accordingly.

2. Consider Little Activities

How about taking up small activities to improve your overall lung function and endurance? Get up from your couch and walk around your apartment during a TV commercial. Walk up the stairs instead of taking the elevator to get to your house. These small, but useful things will improve your stamina before you start running.

3. Take a Walk for 10 Minutes

Try walking for about 10 minutes daily for seven days. Add a couple of minutes to your walking regimen the following week. Keep doing this until you successfully complete half an hour of walking. Try this for five days a week to improve your breathing. You can either take a walk in your neighborhood park or on a treadmill.

4. Consider Jogging

Once you are comfortable with walking without any shortness of breath, take up jogging. Jog at a steady and gradual pace instead of rushing into it. Start by adding five minutes to your jogging routine per day, and pursue it for five days in a week. Add two minutes to your regimen until you can successfully jog for 30 minutes without gasping for breath or coughing.

5. Start Running

Start by running for about five minutes daily. Keep adding a couple of minutes to this routine every week. Continue doing this until you reach 30 minutes.

Running is a . Always carry a bottle of water with you. Take your own time and improve your running.