Posted On June 10, 2016


Status: Smoking is not cool. Quit now!

People puff away for several reasons, one of which is that . We are no one to judge or hate you if you light up your next cigarette, but when it comes to protecting your health, it's not cool to take drags of the cancer sticks. Though our society and culture have come a long way in creating tobacco awareness, there are still some people who think that cigarettes are super cool. Read on to learn about the three kinds of people who believe so.

1. Guys Who Like Aping Old Hollywood Celebs

Humphrey Bogart did look cool when he held a cigarette between his fingers and puffed away. And, so did Marlon Brando or Marilyn Monroe. ? It's the rings of smoke and elegance of the black and white screen that did the trick. Hey, snap out of your fantasies! In reality, you'll smell bad or look unsightly with tobacco-stained teeth.

2. Teenagers

Teens in their early 20s often pose outside their college canteens or in the campus with a cigarette between their lips. They believe that they look cool, and also feel like liberated adults who can smoke and drink. They fail to realize that smoking is neither cool nor does it make one liberated.

3. People Who Love to be the Rebels

Smoking is unhealthy, but that does not imply that some people will not contradict this notion. A few love to see themselves as rebels. And, what's the best way to show their defiance than lighting up the sin sticks in public view?

Many find smoking a short-cut to making a cool statement. What they don’t realize is cigarettes also pave another short-cut— to ill health, diseases, and death.