Posted On February 19, 2016


Want to quit smoking? Yes, it is not easy. And that is why you need help. Know what? You can find an effective aide in music when it comes to fighting the fags.

Music Helps You Quit In The Following Two Ways:

Stress Management: People often grab a cig to get an instant relief from stress. Ironically, cigarettes cause more stress in the long run. When you try to quit smoking, you undergo a highly stressful phase of your life again, this time withdrawal symptoms adding to your stress level. Stress management is, therefore, a vital part of the quitting process. De-addiction experts say that most people fail to quit because they don’t know how to cope with the stress associated with withdrawal syndromes, and deal with the resulting bouts of cravings. To add salt to the injuries, craving shoots up when you are up for a challenge. By calming your nerves during these trying times, music provides the support you need to suppress your desire for a drag.

Keeping Busy: Craving for cigarettes is often the result of boredom. People tend to light up when they find nothing worthwhile to do. Music gives you an enriching preoccupation.

What Should You Listen To?

Classical music might be the best choice, as it is soothing for your nerves. As opposed to loud pop or hip-hop, western classical, especially those slow, soulful pieces promote tranquility. According to the music therapist, when cravings strike, listening to classical music, especially some of the masterpieces by Mozart, has proven to be extremely effective in helping people overcome the urge of smoking. Music therapists are of the opinion that listening to the numbers with great lyrical value also helps overcome your craving significantly. Besides calming your mind, classical music also helps you focus (bonus!). 

Quitting cigarettes is good for you and your loved ones. Why not take a musical route to a smoke free life?