Posted On December 28, 2015

Smoking is injurious to health. Well, we know you already know that, but we are not talking about heart ailments or cancer here. What we are trying to discuss is the myriad of lifestyle diseases that you can be afflicted with due to smoking.

For example, has your migraine aggravated owing to excessive stress at work? Are you coughing too often? And, you are puffing more often to beat the stress! Whether your workload decreases or not, your migraine attacks will certainly increase if you don’t kick the butt on time.

Here are three lifestyle diseases caused by smoking:

1. Migraine

According to a study done by the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology, if you take drags of more than five cigarettes a day, you will end up having migraine. All this while you have been blaming your work stress for the killer headaches but in reality, it was your smoking habit. The study also proved that migraine attacks are more common among smokers than non-smokers. What’s the solution? Simply say ‘NO’ to cigarettes as they trigger the ailment.                                                                                                 

2. Macular Degeneration

Taking drags is neither healthy nor cool. Did you know that smoking your favorite brand of cigarettes can result in gradual loss of vision owing to macular degeneration? When you develop this condition, it affects the central portion of your retina. The retina helps you see finer details. Once the macula is affected, distorted visions, haziness and blind spots are the common problems reported. Just think of the possible implications! You will not be able to read a page-turning novel or see minute details on your television with your vision getting blurred. You will be embarrassed to death when you fail to recognize familiar faces of your friends or acquaintances. You even run the risk of cutting your fingers when slicing vegetables in your kitchen. Studies show that smokers are more prone to developing macular degeneration than those who never light up. What’s more? Even passive smoking can cause all these health hazards.

3. Lung Infection

When you smoke, you also become vulnerable to a wide range of infections, particularly lung infection. This is because when you smoke for years at a stretch, your immunity system gradually gives up. Smoking produces 4,000 toxic chemicals of which carbon monoxide, nicotine and tar are the most hazardous to your lung health. If you don’t kick the butt, be prepared to be snubbed by fellow passengers when you keep coughing incessantly while traveling in public transport.

Want to lead a better and healthy lifestyle, free of these ailments? The solution is simple. Quit cigarettes. It’s not late yet!

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