Posted On March 2, 2016


Did you know that cigarettes have 599 ingredients? And, when these apparently harmless additives are burnt, they lead to the formation of a large number of chemicals, most of which are highly toxic. Hydrogen cyanide in cigarette smoke is a poisonous gas that was used as the genocidal medium during the Second World War!

No one would like to pump in hydrogen cyanide into their lungs, but cigarette addicts do it several times a day with each cancer stick they light up. Do you know that just 300 parts of this poisonous gas present in the air can kill an individual within a span of 10 to 60 minutes? Higher exposure will lead to death after a short period of time.

Passive Smokers are Not Immune to Hydrogen Cyanide

This highly toxic substance is also found in the smoke exhaled by smokers, so people around them are not safe from hydrogen cyanide. This means that tobacco smoke is also a possible cyanide exposure source for people who are not associated with the cyanide industry.

Possible Symptoms

A person lighting up the sin sticks may not suffer from cyanide poisoning instantly, but inhaling this toxic gas everyday in a room or in any other enclosed area will lead to symptoms including dizziness, headache, nausea, weakness and vomiting. More exposure to this poisonous gas may prove fatal and lead to irregular heartbeats, gasping for breath, fainting, seizures and even sudden death.


As far as treatment for hydrogen cyanide poisoning is concerned, inhaling pure oxygen is the best option for a smoker. In severe cases, one needs to consider cyanide antidotes. However, extremely serious victims need to be hospitalized.

Inhale fresh, clean air instead of toxic smoke. Put down your cigarette now to live and let others live. Stay smokeless. Stay healthy.