Posted On March 18, 2016


Quitting tobacco is the right call to see a healthier you glide through life. Sure, you have the will to say no to smoking, but living with someone who smokes changes the whole scenario. You would have to live with constant temptation to give in to the urge and take a few puffs. But, you need to know that it is not impossible to quit smoking even with a smoker around you. Let us see how to do it.

Discuss the Issue with Your Roomie or Partner

Whether it is your partner or a roommate that smokes, you need to sit down with him/her and see if the person is supportive enough. Make him understand that smoking is an addiction and it is really hard to quit, even without having a smoker around. Be transparent about your thoughts and let your roommate be honest about his perspective of the issue. Surely, both of you will find ways to separate toxic fumes of tobacco from parts of your lives.

Try Snacks and Use a Room Freshener

The urge to smoke will be the hardest to control after the initial quitting. So, try a few snacks or gum to avoid smoking. Plus, use room-fresheners to mask the stink of tobacco.

Make the House Smoke-Free

Introduce the proposition of making the house smoke-free. It is a great way to stay away from nicotine cravings, and it might curb your roommate’s smoking habits. Discuss this subject freely and make a list of all the positive benefits of living in a smoke-free house like:

  • Living in a cleaner environment

  • No more ash on the floor

  • No more burns on bed sheets or couches

  • Finally stink-free clothes

However, if somehow making your home smoke-free is not an option, at least try making your room smoke-free. Although you would still be vulnerable to second hand smoke, not seeing your roommate smoke will help you suppress the urge.

Yes, it will be hard for you to quit while living with a smoker. But, support and cooperation can help you stay tobacco-free. More importantly, you need your determination. Stay put, you are almost there.