Posted On September 4, 2015

In Part I, Part II and Part III, of our series of inspirational stories about celebs kicking the cancer sticks, we talked about how right from Hollywood big shots to doting celebs from Bengal braved all odds to quit smoking. This week, we are sharing with you an inspiring story of another big name from showbiz, actor and former Miss Universe, Sushmita Sen — the very adorable and gorgeous ‘Sush’, who said ‘NO’ to cigarettes.

Sushmita Sen

Sushmita was addicted to cigarettes for more than two decades now. During her initial days in Mumbai, she was apparently the only actor who flaunted her pack of Marlboro unlike her counterparts in B-town who puffed in private. The model turned actor took to chain smoking when her dream project, Rani Laxmibai went on hold for an indefinite period and there was huge pressure mounting on her. How did she manage to quit? Buzz is that Sushmita’s then boyfriend Mudassar Aziz came to her rescue, and with his relentless convincing, he made her give up the habit. In a newspaper report, a source very close to Sushmita was once quoted saying, “Sush did go into relapse after a few days, but her willpower is strong and now she's off smoking.” Another reason Sushmita shunned the cancer sticks was her daughter Renee, who she adopted in the year 2000. It apparently dawned upon her that passive smoking is unhealthy for her little kid and that’s what finally motivated her to call it quits. You give us more reasons to be charmed Sush, than just your poise and beauty!

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