Hookahs Might Be More Dangerous Than Cigarettes

Posted On January 25, 2016

The warm and fuzzy feeling you are experiencing smoking a hookah is not happiness, it’s your insides burning up. Do you think your body can handle inhaling smoke from 10 cigarettes in just one hour? Well, through hookah you are smoking more tar than 10 cigarettes combined in one hour. Advertising firms market words like- harmless or even healthy to get people addicted to their tobacco products. Adding flavors to the hookah tobacco such as cherry, watermelon, chocolate, and mint is just another marketing gimmick to trap the people (mainly teenagers) in a cancerous habit. Statistics from a study published in the ‘Nursing Research’ has created quite a stir. It says that youths between 18 and 30 years believe hookah to be safe. Let us chase down facts and try to understand how much more damage we have accepted by trusting hookah.

More Potent For Causing Cancer


Hookah uses charcoal to burn tobacco that travels through water. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) U.S, smoke drawn from hookahs has huge amounts of metals, carbon monoxide, and cancer-causing chemicals. The quantity of smoke burped up by hookahs wildly surpasses cigarette puffs. Even water, placed inside the hookah cannot reduce the toxicity of the smoke. Reports have proven that the toxin it carries is highly potent to harm and cause cancer in the lung, oral, and bladder areas.

Which Is More Dangerous, Hookah or Cigarette?

Hookahs and cigarettes both are nicotine delivery devices. They both do harm to our body and to people around us. They even add to global warming. But, if we are to compare, we need facts. So, let’s stack them up and try to figure out which one is deadlier.

·         According to reports from the World Health Organization (WHO) hookah causes more exposure to harmful smoke and toxins than cigarettes. The method of smoking through hookah and the depth of inhalation can put higher concentrations of toxic smoke in people.

·         People inhale nearly 90,000 milliliters of toxic smoke in a single hookah session while a cigarette exposes us to 500 to 600 milliliters of smoke.

Cancer is not the only gift hookah has in store for you. CDC reports show that smoke from hookah can harm fetus of pregnant women, stripping down the weight of the new baby by approximately 3½ ounces.

 Tobacco is harmful, no matter how you use it. There is no glamour in hookah, because getting sick isn’t cool. 

Image Courtesy by http://www.sciencedaily.com