Posted On August 19, 2015

Are you one of those who have tried to kick the butt several times but failed? Well, if there is a will, there surely is a way, too. Here are some cool mind games that can actually help you say ‘NO’ to cigarettes:

1. Ask Your Best Buddy to Criticize You A friend in need is a friend indeed. True enough. When you are finding it difficult to quit, ask your best buddy from school or college to poke you with honest criticism. Do not take things personally when he labels you as a ‘guy with no mental strength’, ‘nothing but a loser’ or ‘reliant on a trifling cigarette to survive ’. Candid criticisms like these will make you mentally tough to kick out the bad habit.

2. Remind Yourself of the Benefits of Quitting Imagine what a healthy person you will be when you give up for good. Think what you will gain in terms of increased vigor, vitality and strength. As a result, you will earn the accolades of your superior in office for better productivity. You will live long, your spouse or partner won’t crib about your chain smoking, and you will enjoy the best things in life. Yeah, just IMAGINE!


3. Save Money in Your Personal Box Do you know how much cash you can save by not buying cigarettes? Make this effort for one month. Say for instance, you spend a certain amount of money for a pack daily. Instead of buying, keep the money every day in your personal cash box. At the end of the month, you will be surprised to see that you have saved a considerable amount. And, the amount will not be less than a few thousands. With this money, treat yourself to pizzas, butterscotch ice-creams, black forest cakes or a grand vacation in a few months!



4. Hang Gruesome Pictures Hang in your bedroom wall, cupboard and bathroom shocking pictures of a man suffering from lung cancer. Sounds cruel, but nothing is a better deterrent in life than fear. When you go to bed with such gruesome images in your mind, have nightmares of the same and then wake up in the morning to see those ghastly posters once again, you will do anything to stay away from the deadly puff, won’t you?

5. Develop a Strong Willpower Yeah, this is not so cool, nor an easy task but there seriously is no cooler human being than one who has complete control over his actions and desires. Approach by having a strong determination to quit, and tell yourself ‘YES I CAN, ‘I MUST’ and ‘I WILL’.

Try some or all of these cool mind tricks and you will be surprised to see the results!