Posted On February 9, 2016


Are you addicted to taking several drags a day? Think it’s cool, right? Wrong! Puffing away is neither cool nor liberating. Instead, every cancer stick you light up lessens your life span by 11 minutes. So, get this straight. Cigarettes do more harm than good to your body. How? Here are five ways how these lethal sticks affect your health:

1. Turns Your Blood Stickier

Cigarette smoking affects your heart rate, blood pressure and pulse rate. Smoking produces carbon monoxide that lessens the blood’s ability to transport oxygen to your heart and other associated organs. Consequently, you may suffer from chest pain, stroke, gangrene and aneurysm. All this alters your blood’s properties, turning it stickier.  

2. Causes Osteoporosis

Smoking and osteoporosis are closely associated. The carbon monoxide, nicotine and other toxic chemicals found in tobacco leads to osteoporosis. Do you know who are more vulnerable to this condition? Well, perimenopausal women and teenagers are the worst affected. Research shows that smoking results in increased muscular pain and discomfort around your neck, hips and knees.

3. Leads to Dry Eyes and Cataracts

The initial symptoms of smoking are dryness, itching, irritation and redness of your eyes. When you puff away, harmful chemicals intrude your blood stream and produce several bi-products. In severe cases, it affects the lens of your eyes, causing cataracts, especially nuclear cataract. Expecting women vulnerable to secondhand smoke are prone to give birth to infants with ailments like retinopathy of prematurity.  

4. Produces Wrinkles

No matter what anti-aging cream you use to turn the aging clock back, smoking will make your skin pale and wrinkled. If you are a chain smoker, expect to develop wrinkles and lines around the skin of your eyes faster than people who don’t smoke. Smoking narrows the blood vessels in the outer skin layer. This results in the reduced supply of nutrients and oxygen that is needed to maintain the elastin fibers and collagen, leaving your face aged and saggy.  

5. Leads to Impotency in Men

Men beware! Toxic elements in cigarettes such as nicotine, cadmium and benzopyrene may damage your sperm cells, leading to impotency. Puffing away too many cigarettes will also result in low sperm count, testosterone levels and libido.  

Stop smoking now for a healthy and better lifestyle. That’s the key to staying happy and living a meaningful life. Quit now and even encourage other smokers to follow suit.