Posted On February 26, 2016


May be it’s impossible to reverse the age clock forever, but expect to look older than you are if you keep puffing away. Smoking affects your skin, eyes, teeth and hair. We all know that cigarettes have an adverse effect on your brain, lung and heart health. But, did you know how tobacco addiction can slowly steal away your beauty? Here are five ways cigarettes affect the way you look:

1. Sagging Skin

Did you know that there are 4,000 or more harmful chemicals in cigarette smoke? And, most of them are responsible for the destruction of elastin and collagen. Both are essential fibers responsible for making your skin supple and elastic. Even secondhand smoke makes your skin droop over time. You end up looking old with deep wrinkles.

2. Age Spots

Smokers are more susceptible to develop age spots or blotchy skin, affecting their hands and face. Though anyone may develop age spots if exposed to the sun for a long time, tobacco addicts develop them sooner than the non-smokers.

3. Pale Skin

Constant smoking robs your skin of the essential nutrients and oxygen. If you took to cigarettes at a very early age, expect to develop an uneven tone faster than non-smokers.

4. Tired Eyes

Continuous exposure to tobacco smoke will make your eyes look tired and red. Chain smokers are also known to develop ailments such as chronic eye irritation. The worst-case scenario includes cataract development.

Constant exposure to smoke irritants will also develop dark circles and make your eyes look puffy. Several studies prove that smoking results in insomnia. Based on a 2008 study by the Johns Hopkins University, 22.5 percent of cigarette smokers spend sleepless nights. Again, according to a research by the University of Florida, smokers lose 1.2 minutes of their sleep for every cigarette they light up.

5. Crow’s Feet

Do you see wrinkles on the outside of your eyes resembling crow’s feet? If so, blame your smoking! The heat from the lighted cigarettes and squinting leads to crow’s feet. Besides, toxic chemicals inhaled from burning cigarettes damage the structure of your skin and eye blood vessels.

Quitting cigarettes will help you develop a better complexion. Kick the butt now to improve your looks and health.