Posted On February 24, 2016


Do you feel sorry when your buddy or someone close to you leaves the room to take a drag? Or do you start preaching your friend about the harmful effects of smoking? None of these tactics are going to work. Instead, you will end up annoying your pal to a great extent. So, would you give up on a good cause? No way! Here are three ways to help your buddy kick the sin sticks without hating you:

1. Avoid Negative Remarks 

Do not irritate your friend by passing negative remarks such as, “I hate it when you puff away”, or “It makes me sick when you smoke.” These comments may trigger an equally derogatory remark. Instead of being over critical, tell your buddy how his smoking habit affects you. The way the room or your car smells. Express your concerns in a way that sound more caring or personal. Avoid using an accusing tone. Use tact rather than coercion to help your pal kick the butt.

2. Talk about the Benefits of Quitting 

To quit, a smoker must know about the benefits of not lighting up. Talk to your friend about how putting down the cigarette will help him enjoy better health, vitality, vigor and strength. Remind your friend how much he can save every month by saying no to tobacco. With the saved amount, he can buy himself a high-end electronic gadget or treat himself to a delicious lunch and even a vacation in a couple of months. Reward him if he manages to quit. Take him out for a movie or an event that he loves.

3. Avoid Nagging 

When you find your buddy striving hard to quit, give him some space. Do not nag. Constant nagging will only make a tobacco addict feel bad about himself. In the long-term, nagging can even make your friend sever all ties with you. Continuous badgering irritates a smoker and makes him aggressive.

Next time you see your friend lighting up a cigarette, talk to him gently and tell him to quit. He will surely see reason.